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I said I liked you

I meant every cell in my being

Would die in pain without you

Said you have a nice smile

I meant without it

I’ll have a dismal life

Said I like your voice

Meant if you don’t talk to me

My heart can’t function properly

Said your eyes are deep

Meant with your every gaze

I keep losing me to become you

Said I called for no reason

Meant without you in my day

I can’t survive a single moment

The day I say I love you

Beware my beloved

I won’t be a lover anymore

I will be a worshipper

I will breathe for you

I will live to love you

And I will die for you


The same poem in Hindi:

अल्फ़ाज़ थे तुम अच्छे लगते हो

कहना चाहा कि तुम

रूह में मेरी बसते हो

अल्फ़ाज़ थे मुस्कान आपकी सुन्दर

कहना चाहा बिन इसके

जीवन मेरा मरूस्थल

अल्फ़ाज़ थे आवाज़ में आपकी खनक

कहना चाहा न सुनूँ इसे

धड़कन मेरी बंद होने लगे

अल्फ़ाज़ थे आपकी आँखों में मदहोशी

कहना चाहा आपकी निगाहों का असर

मैं खोके खुदको बस रह्ँ तुम्हारी

अल्फ़ाज़ थे तुम्हें यूँ ही पुकारा

कहना चाहा मेरा दिन

बिन तुम्हारे था अधूरा

जिस दिन कहूँ इश्क हो गया

दिलबर तुम समझ लेना

महबूबा नहीं अब मैं तुम्हारी

बन जाऊँगी तुम्हारी मीरा

साँसें चलेंगी तुम्हारे लिये

ज़िन्दगी का मकसद तुम्हें चाहना

और तुम्हारे लिये ही होगा मरना



Love in today’s world

Meet, have fun, bang bang

Let’s move on…


Relationships in today’s world

Well I love you for real

But only till it’s virtual…


Belief in today’s world

I am the only wise person

Let’s kill everyone else…


Life in today’s world

I am offended about nothing

So let me kill myself…


My thoughts seeing all this

Any alternate universe without humans?

Let me live there forever…

Once upon a time

I was a daddy’s girl

Then I found a life partner

And daddy thought I didn’t need him anymore

Did he not know no one could love me as much?

Once upon a time

I was so pampered

Then I had my own little ones

And everyone thought I had enough love

Did they not know that love is never enough?

Once upon a time

I was a princess

Of a story I wrote in my mind

Then I faced the real life situations

Did I not know it is really tough?

Once upon a time

I believed in myself

Then I made some stupid mistakes

And I thought I learned my lessons

Did I not know life’s teachings are rough?

Once upon a time

I thought I found happiness

Then I understood the bitter truth

It’s not easy to stand up for yourself

Did I not know high is the cost of principles?

Once upon a time

There lived a girl

Who believed in goodness

Then she experienced people

Did she not know it always ends in despair?

Do you know the sound of drifting dreams…
Have you felt the pain of shattering heart?
Do you know how lonely it feels…
When you lose the only hope you had?
When that faith is snatched away by fate…
And all you do is watch it leave!
Have you wondered how you are stuck in the moment…
While life rushes by around you?
Do you hear the footsteps marching away…
And you can’t call them back?
Have you felt like a fool by being good…
While they had a great laugh at your candor?
Have you felt the absence of God…
When you thought at least He would stay?

I am at that lonely place now
I seek help but no one responds
I want to share how I feel
But no one wants to listen
So I go around pretending to be happy
I smile while I am crying within
I want someone to hug me and say it’s alright
But all I have is a cold endless night.

You ask me to share what I feel

But this pain my heart can’t reveal

May be I want to feel the pain

May be I wish to let it remain

Inside me, where it belongs

It makes me strong to carry on

It gives me a reason to be alive

If I let it go, how will I survive?

It helps me understand

My purpose, my calling

It gives me a reason

To fight against falling

Into the darkness

Rendering my life useless.

It is, thus, my pain

That makes me what I am

Don’t ask me to share

Don’t tell me you care

There is no other lie greater

To say you love me and leave later

I know you will not stay

You will go away

Like everyone I trusted

Live everyone I loved

So leave me alone

And just be gone

On your own way

Far, far, far away

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