Once upon a time

I was a daddy’s girl

Then I found a life partner

And daddy thought I didn’t need him anymore

Did he not know no one could love me as much?

Once upon a time

I was so pampered

Then I had my own little ones

And everyone thought I had enough love

Did they not know that love is never enough?

Once upon a time

I was a princess

Of a story I wrote in my mind

Then I faced the real life situations

Did I not know it is really tough?

Once upon a time

I believed in myself

Then I made some stupid mistakes

And I thought I learned my lessons

Did I not know life’s teachings are rough?

Once upon a time

I thought I found happiness

Then I understood the bitter truth

It’s not easy to stand up for yourself

Did I not know high is the cost of principles?

Once upon a time

There lived a girl

Who believed in goodness

Then she experienced people

Did she not know it always ends in despair?