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Love hurts, we all know this. In fact, the sweet-bitter pain of love keeps some of us going when we are on the verge of losing it. But do you really feel love can physically or emotionally hurt someone in a way that it spoils their life and their faith in this divine feeling? The crimes of passion – are they really driven by love? Love means to give, not to snatch away; love means to wish for happiness of the one you love, not to cause them unending suffering; love means to be good, not to let  the dark places in your heart take over you.
The book 2 in series ‘Love, It Is!’ tells you stories of this love – a dark and satanic form, which I believe is not love actually. Most of these stories are based on true events I have been a witness of, though I add a lot of my imagination to understand the background of those situations. I confess I add details and sometimes, even characters and situations. Yet, I try to keep the story close to its own essence.

Read ‘Love, No More…’ on Amazon and Kindle from 23rd June.


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Read the review Love No More (Love, It Is!)

Read the review Love, It Is!

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