I am an Indian, blessed with a loving family and a full life.
I am an engineer by education, an IT analyst by profession but I am a writer by passion. I am just like any other ordinary woman – a mother, a wife, a homemaker, a professional and a dreamer – all rolled into one!

I have always been passionate about writing. I remember I wrote my first story at 10, but was too shy to share it with anyone. Thereafter, I started composing poetry but still kept it to myself. But then, my school happened to have a poetry contest and I received a prize. So, I gained some confidence to share my work. Appreciation from teachers and friends encouraged me to write more. I remember one particular teacher had called me a ‘born poetess’ which is still the best appreciation till date 🙂

Then, few years back, I took up to prose again. This time, I did not stop and wrote more than a dozen stories and finally published them on Amazon. The decision to publish took about 3 years!

I dedicate my first book to my wonderful children, who were solely responsible for bringing the writer in me back to life. I had lost the dream and they made me find it again. I did not stop at just one book, despite all the odds. I published a second book, continuing the same series but with a different perspective.

The basic theme of my stories is love, since I truly believe in the greatness of love, and I am not talking just about the man-woman kind of love. Love cannot be categorized and contained in any way. I have learned this through my family, relatives and friends – all the loving people in my life.

I hope that I continue to write till the day I die. I wish to leave all my writing to my children, so that they can still have a part of me with them, long after I can no longer be with them.