Yes, we humans are the intelligent species…but are we? We use our intelligence for manipulations, for betrayal, for snatching away what is not ours, for anything but good. Can we, for once, start being honest with ourselves and everyone around us?

If you are talking to me because you need something from me, please tell me what you want ’cause I may help you. But if you try to manipulate me and try to get it, well, most often than not I will understand your game. I may still give you benefit of doubt, yet, there will come a time when I will say – okay enough! That’s it! I am done! Then, you will never have a chance at getting back into my good books or my life. Once I am done with you, I am done.

If you are nice to me because you are professional, I respect that. But then, when I am nice to you for the same reason, you also have to accept it as is. Please don’t think I have any ulterior motive or I am falling for you. I am not. I am just polite and nice because that’s how we are supposed to be. It’s good manners to be polite and nice with everyone.

If I can help you with something, I surely will, only if you ask. Don’t expect me to jump to your assistance when you never asked in the first place. If you are sharing something with me, I will treat it simply as sharing. If you require my advice or support, just say it. And it would be great if you used ‘please’. Don’t act like the world needs to help you and you are privileged in some way. You are as special as anyone else. The world doesn’t need to do anything for you.

If I did something for you. do not treat it as my weakness or need to please you in some way. I helped you because I am a good human being. Period.

If you think you fooled me and got something out of me, congratulations! However, that is all you are going to get. Not falling for your shit again!

It’s a good thing if you are smart. But please stop behaving like everyone else is a fool. Stop underestimating other people’s smartness. The reason they are not giving you a piece of their mind is because they are good people, not because they are dumb.

So whatever you need, whatever you want, please be honest. Stop lying. Stop manipulating. Use your energies in improving yourself and maybe try giving back. It works wonders. The world needs more honest people than heroes. If everyone is honest, the world definitely will need less and less of rescuing. And who knows, you will become the best version of yourself. Cause isn’t that the purpose of being human – be the best human you could be?