TV is such a wonderful invention of the modern world…it can be easily counted as one of the best gifts of technology to the humankind. Can you imagine your life without television? Here is what a typical day would look like – lots of walking, playing, reading, less junk food (due to lack of relaxing time), sleeping in time etc. Do you want a healthy life like that?

The Y generation is supposed to be thriving on information, and that’s what TV provides in abundance. How would I know about supernatural things like vampires, jinns, angels, men/women with superpowers, hulk etc without the chatter box that sits in your living room? How would I find out about the conspiracies mothers-in-law plot against their innocent daughters-in-law (or the other way round)? How would I have any idea about the scandals in the lives of the celebrities, through sting operations? And very importantly, how would I ever know that the necessity of stinging the sting operations themselves because so many of them are actually fake?

TV is not only a good entertainer, but also keeps you update with the current affairs. Newspapers, however, give you only facts. For example, there is one news item (always a ‘breaking news’), then there is discussion on that news, then there are opinions shared by people from various walks of the society, then there are arguments, and finally everyone agrees to disagree. I would have so much free time if not for TV…don’t you realize I have so much time in my life and absolutely no idea about how to spend it? I would probably have to take a walk or read a book instead! You know, how boring it would to read a book and visualize everything from your own imagination!

Then, think about the sports matches. How would I get a chance to analyze every single ball bowled in cricket matches and that too by various experts having entirely different opinions? You know, it takes a lot of creativity to come with an interesting name for a match series. Imagine not knowing about M.S. Dhoni’s ‘badla’! What a waste of life! TV enhances your creativity and imagination in another way. Now, I can guess the exact ending of any episode of any long-running show, if I watch it for only 2-3 hours. Isn’t that nice? TV brings out the writer in me…and all the times, my guess is right! I have started to think ahead…so isn’t that helping me in my imagination and creativity? Now, I have serious doubts about researches that claim that TV puts you in a state of trance and curbs your creativity! I guess they are lying to us…may be the book industry, the health industry are conspiring against the common man to snatch away his only means of being sane – TV.

And, there is another advantage of television, and this one’s specific to cartoons for young children. How would my 6 year old and 4 year old know that a pregnant woman’s tummy is bloated because she is carrying a child inside her? How would they ever get any information about the differences in kissing your spouse and a friend? So that means I can skip the ‘birds and bees’ discussion with them when they grow up…oh, I was so scared of that day! And then, why would they ask for another baby bro/sis if their favorite cartoon character didn’t have one recently…yeah, I need them to tell me all the time that I should think of having another child!

So I urge the younger generation to continue what they are doing…watch a lots of TV…don’t worry about going out to play or reading good books…the latter will do you no good. It’s the knowledge gained from TV that will help you in your life…