Life is lived in moments; all of us know this. But how many occasions can you really think of when the moment stayed, the feeling remained intact, forever? Well, scientifically speaking, the subconscious mind does register these things ans stores them for us to get access to them at anytime we need. So isn’t it a good practice to let your conscious mind send reinforcing signals to the subconscious mind consistently? The book I read recently emphasizes this concept in a simple way and gives you some practical suggestions to make that happen. “The Law of Attraction and Limiting Beliefs Simplified” by Mario Meigo is a must read.

Though I believe that all the self-help and inspirational books in the world are based on the concepts we already are aware of, yet when someone puts it all in words, based on their own experiences, it really helps to relate to the concept. It also helps in finding inspiration through other people’s experiences, since we ask ourselves, “If this person can do it, why can’t I?”

I would also add some things from my experience. Those moments that give you immense happiness, should be relived time and again so that they get etched in your memory. Write them down somewhere, even if you don’t want to share them. When some time, you are not having your way, it will help you feel good by reading about the moment that brought joy. Some things might seem trivial but make you feel wonderful, do not let those moments pass away, celebrate them. Intensify them, if you can. These will serve as your counselor when no one else is around.

Remember this – the moments that matter most are when you can look at what you achieved and say, “It was really worth it!”